About us

Milearth empowers communities, and people everywhere to use technology to realize their dreams. We promise to deliver technology solutions that help them do and achieve more, whether they’re at home, work, school, or anywhere in their world.

Milearth stands out from other similar providers with passion, determination, enthusiasm, and quality. Our clients deserve the best services along with outstanding reliability.

We offer our experience, capabilities, good turn-times, and excellent after-sale support. We will work with our customers as a team to help solve their problems. We make an application for your organization for a fast and easy process.

We have a strong admiration for people who motivate others and makes one feel gushed with positive energy. The ‘need to know’ attitude is one of the motivating force which makes me to learn at least one new thing each day. In today’s world Technology is one of the things that are stressed upon and so we try to get our hand on all the latest technologies in the market.

It believes that ethical management is not only a tool for responding to the rapid changes in the global business environment but also a vehicle for building trust with its various stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and local communities. With an aim to become one of the most ethical companies In the world, Milearth continues to train its employees and operate monitoring systems, while practicing fair and transparent corporate management.


Since the Evolution of the Human race. It is observed and studied that Humans are naturally competitive.

We have witnessed the same thing in all generations of the Industrial Revolutions. Currently, We are in the 4th generation of it. Looking at the bigger picture the Education Sector has the maximum role to play in it. Especially Private Education Institutes in Asia, Europe & America is going to play a crucial role in it.

To give you a better scenario with the scalability of future institutes our near future and learning content is going to grow around Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Holograms, Robotics & Machine Learning.

The entire world has witnessed the benchmark set by Indian Software companies and their contribution towards society for its betterment.

In the Last 3 years, we have done extensive research on leading education institutes. And we noted a few important Areas of concern where the software or an ERP can step in and provide an effective solution. Milearth Softech is ready to give its fair share to the education industry in the form MilGrasp. It’s a Full Fledged Education Institute Management ERP.

Starting from an Admission Enquiry to Career Assessment test for students. MilGrasp as a product will gather all your software requirement under 1 roof and will be available as cloud-based Web & Mobile Application.

– Mr. Piyush Kamdar